Canine Bloat

Canine bloat is a very serious condition that many dog owners don’t know much about. Dogs can quickly die if it isn’t corrected in time. It is actually one of the leading causes of death in dogs.

Canine Bloat

The condition occurs when something goes wrong while your dog is digesting his food. The stomach will swell considerably and start trapping gasses inside. It may swell up enough to cut off circulation to your dog’s heart.

Vets don’t exactly know what causes bloat in dogs. They suspect that various factors can bring it about. They include eating dry foods that contain citric acid or a lot of fat, or even something as simple as excessive stress.

Dogs that eat larger meals at one sitting instead of smaller meals over the day have a higher risk. Those that exercise too soon before or after eating will also have an increased risk. The same holds true if your dog consumes too much water while eating.

Canine bloat is a condition that can affect any dog breed of any age. However, those that have deep chests have an increased risk when compared to other breeds. Affected breeds include Great Danes, Doberman Pinschers, and German Shepherds.

Dog bloat causes gas to build up which will in turn cause the stomach to start stretching like a balloon. This is the most noticeable sign for owners to watch out for. If you feel the abdominal region, it will be much harder than normal.

Owners will also notice that their pet will act differently after developing canine bloat. They will suffer a lot of pain in their abdominal area. Your dog will noticeably be uncomfortable. He may try to vomit to relieve the condition, but it usually won’t produce anything. If they try to pass stool, nothing will come out either. One of the final symptoms to look for as far as dog bloat is concerned is excessive drooling.

As you have already learned, bloat in canines is a very serious condition. Your dog can die within a matter of hours. It’s vital that you get your dog to a vet’s office immediately. If your normal vet’s office is closed, then you’ll need to find a nearby emergency clinic to visit.

Time is of the essence when it comes to treating canine bloat. Gas will need to be removed from the stomach somehow so that it will stop swelling. The vet may try to insert a tube down your dog’s threat in order to relieve the gas. This may not work if the stomach has become twisted. In this case, surgery will be the only method that can treat bloat in dogs. The vet will have to make an incision into the stomach so that the gas will have a way to escape.

Unfortunately, dogs that develop bloat often develop it again in the future. Sometimes, it will recur in just a matter of days. To help keep this from happening, the vet can anchor the stomach into place so that it won’t become swollen or twisted should the condition strike again.

If your dog is susceptible to bloat, then you can try a medication that helps relive gas. Medications that humans take will work in canines. Gas-X and Mylanta Gas are common products that you may have in your cabinets already. If canine bloat becomes a problem, try to give your dog one of these pills and take him to a vet as soon as possible.

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