Canine Colitis

Inflammation of your dog’s colon is a condition known as canine colitis. The underlying cause is usually irritable bowel syndrome. Although it can’t exactly be cured, it can be effectively managed so your dog can experience a good quality of life. You should know that certain dog breeds are predisposed to developing colitis in canines. One of the most common breeds is the Boxer.

Canine Colitis

As you just learned, dog colitis is usually caused by an inflammatory bowel disease of some sort. However, it can also be caused by parasites such as whipworms. Fungal and bacterial infections may also be the reason to blame. Some of the other common causes of this condition include allergies, dietary issues, and excessive stress.

By far the most common sign of canine colitis is recurring diarrhea. Whenever your dog tries to pass stool, he will have a difficult time doing so. You may notice him straining to defecate due to the pain involved. Whenever your dog is able to pass stool, it may have mucus and blood in it. Dogs will also experience a lot of gas.

Diagnosis of colitis in dogs is usually done via a biopsy of the colon and a colonoscopy. The veterinarian may also check your dog’s stool’s for the presence of fungi or parasites. Sometimes, it will be difficult to determine the underlying cause of your canine’s condition. It may be necessary for your dog to go on a strict diet in order to eliminate all possibilities. During this time, you will need to feed your dog a special diet.

If the underlying cause of canine colitis can successfully be pinned down, then a treatment regimen can be planned. If the usual cause of inflammatory bowel disease is to blame, then your dog will need a diet with plenty of fiber. Some dogs can effectively manage the disease through use of diet change alone.

Antibiotics will be used to treat underlying bacterial infections. Colitis in dogs also causes inflammation. Therefore, the veterinarian may give your dog anti-inflammatory medications. Immunosuppressive medications can also be useful in treating some causes of the condition.

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