Cat Disease for Dummies

Cat Disease for Dummies simply contains the main cat diseases there are and how to identify them before it it’s too late!

Cat Disease for Dummies

  1. Tooth Decay – you can identify this through bad breath of a cat if the cat did not consume any fish or food that has a strong smell. Consult your vet if so. 
  2. Cold – your cat is sneezing or has runny eyes. Although a cat disease such as a cold may pass, as it does in humans, it may put your cat in further danger of other cat diseases attacking it, these are called secondary diseases.
  3. Liver Problem – your cat seems to drink more water than all the others cats! Although this can often be overseen, it is a big issue and a very subtle warning. If you are unsure about this, consult a vet.
  4. Respiratory Problems – it looks like your cat has conjunctivitis. Its eyes go red and puffy. There also may be some other signs such as difficulty in breathing, wheezing and even coughing. Because this may be due to dust, observe if your home is dusty or dirty before consulting a vet on this issue.
  5. Ear Parasites – your cat constantly scratches its ears. If there are brown crusts that smell inside the ear, it may also be due to ulcers. A cat disease such as ear parasites causes mass levels of discomfort for your cat. Treatment for this is ear drops which you can get from the local vet or pet shop.
  6. Health problems – your cat does not eat as much as it used to and there are weight gaining issues. Do bear in mind that a very healthy cat can skip 2-3 meals a day due to its already high level of protein and nutrients in its body. However, if your cat skips more than this, consult your doctor. It may also be due to hairball indigestion and other infections.
  7. Constipation – when the cat is not eating so much and also seems to be in pain along with being lethargic. This can be due to nutritional imbalance. Treatment for constipation is to provide more liquid food for the cat and even cat hairball formulas which helps ease the process of food through the intestines will also help. Constipation may also be due to cat hairball being stuck inside the intestine. Although this is not a form of cat disease, it could be fatal.

This is a simple yet very effective guide to several forms of cat disease.

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