Pet Travel Tips

Pet travel is a stressful activity not just for you, the animal lover, but also for the pet that is suddenly taken out of its comfortable and recognizable surroundings, and instead thrust into new situations, ever changing sounds, sights, and smells, and sometimes even separated from you for long periods of time. Pet travel tips that deal with the legalities of insurance, pet travel arrangements on airlines, and even pet travel schemes and schedules abound, but sadly many of these publications and also Internet sites miss the more down to earth, here and now kind of needs both you and your animal will experience.

Pet Travel Tips

For example, pet air travel is among the most stressful experiences for both man and beast, and if you are looking for pet friendly travel arrangements, air travel with pets is not it. Treated like luggage, often kept in alternately freezing and hot temperatures, many an animal that has entered the cargo hold of a plane being healthy and curious comes out listless and shaking. If you are looking for cheap air flight pet travel, pet travel tips dictate that you do not sell yourself and your pet short, but instead try to find accommodations for air travel with pets that will either permit you to take your animal on the plane – very costly – or keep it in a specially designed cargo area – also very costly. If neither of these options is available, it may be better to drive.

There are copious pet travel supply stores that will sell you anything and everything to keep your animal healthy and happy while traveling by car. For example, some pet travel tips suggest that you keep your animal in specially designed carrier all the way, but with some of the harder to find pet travel supplies, such as a Dura Gear pet travel hammock, you may be able to keep your animal comfortable while at the same time it is safe.

UK insurance for pet travel is oftentimes available and many US companies that ensure pets will also issue pet travel insurance. Make sure that you know exactly what it covered and what will be considered your responsibility. In addition to the foregoing, do take a look at the pet travel tips they often publish in booklets and leaflets and find out what their takes on travel with pets are. Most any list of pet travel tips includes the need for having water accessible at all times, taking frequent breaks for feeding and potty stops, and allowing for a bit of comfortable sleeping area when the animal tires of the scenery and just wants to withdraw a bit. The same is true when you are crossing borders or may have to have your vehicle inspected, fueled, or otherwise interact with strangers. Traveling animals may sometimes be overprotective of their human companions and if you have a carrier in which to place the animal in such situations, it will be safer and easier for everyone involved.

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