Do You Really Need To Buy Pet Vitamins?

Many a pet owner is tempted to treat pet vitamins in the same way that some human vitamins are treated: as optional. Generally speaking, vitamin supplements for pets are not always recommended, not even by veterinarians, if the animal is fed a high quality food on a daily basis. If the food is perhaps more of the bargain basement variety, then pet vitamins may be suggested measure to ensure the animal’s health, although it is still probably not going to be seriously required by the vet.

Do You Really Need To Buy Pet Vitamins

Of course, those who recommend pet tab vitamins do remind pet owners that many vitamins are subject to extreme heat as the food the is being prepared and treated for storage, which in turn may lead to the vitamins’ being destroyed in this process. This will leave even the highest quality pet food woefully deficient in the life sustaining substances that are vitamins, and thus some pet owners do supplement their pets in spite of feeding the best pet foods money can buy. In light of the recent pet food fiasco, there are now also those pet owners who will make their own pet food. While this may be a good idea since you can control the ingredients, it does make it a bit harder on the nutrition side, causing some to stock up on injectable vitamin B12, pet supplies such as pet tabs, and also mineral supplements.

While the injectable vitamin B12 – pet supply or feed stores will usually carry this – is viewed with something of a suspicion by those who do not favor injecting animals at all unless it is absolutely necessary, the notion of adding pet shiitake mushroom vitamins, regular pet vitamins, or simply Pet Tinic vitamins that come in drop form, is not one that will go by the wayside anytime soon.

Add to this the fact that pet vitamins – especially pet dog vitamins – are indicated if an animal is considered a senior, if it is ill, or if it is pregnant, you will find that pet vitamins will remain on store shelves for the long haul. No matter how well balanced pet foods are, pets & vitamins will always go together and the wise owner will research the pet vitamin studies as well as the pros and cons that are being published about the subject on a daily basis. For vitamin pet RDA formulas, you will probably have to do a bit of extra research since they vary not only by species but also by weight, gender, and lifestyle.

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