Reading Cat Behaviors

Cat behaviors vary within each cat but all owners have to bear in mind that cat behaviors are the main form of communication for cats to owners. These cat behaviors usually come in the form of body language although there are some speech communications as well (but we humans haven’t understood that far yet!).

Reading Cat Behaviors


 Are the cat behaviors defensive?

An arched back, ears placed behind, fluffed up tails and dilated pupils definitely mean that a cat is in defense position. This is the cat’s way of suggesting to the other party to back away or violence may be involved. Anger can sometimes be seen through the displaying of teeth, although this is not always the case if a cat is frightened, it may not be ready to show its teeth and immediately falls into defense position.

 The cat’s tail

When a cat’s tail is held high, the cat radiates confidence and trust of all the other parties in its surroundings. When a cat’s tail is curled around a person’s leg or another cat’s tail, it is a sign of a friendly greeting within cat behaviors. When the tail is constantly moving, it means that either the cat is excited, indecisive about something or just plain thinking! This could be due to mischief of pouncing around or something new that has been presented to the cat. If a cat’s tail is swishing from side to side, it could mean that your cat is slightly disturbed, moody or upset.

 It’s all about the eyes!

Cats do not only use their mouth to communicate, but also their eyes! Eyes wide open and directly looking at you means that the cat is being attentive and is observing your every move! Cats are relaxed when they slowly blink with droopy-like eyes.


When a cat rubs its head and body against a person, another cat or anything else, it means that the cat is showing affection. These cat behaviors hold trust and sincerity of the cat to the other party. This must be dealt with very kindly and appreciatively. This form of cat behavior shows the cat claiming you as his/her own as she rubs off her scent onto you to announce this to others. If your cat arches her back whilst rubbing against you, this is the sign of absolute affection and trust and must be appreciated kindly.

These are the main cat behaviors that should get you several steps ahead on how to read your cat!

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