Why Vaccinations Are Not Optional For Fluffy

In the human realm, vaccinations are sometimes hotly debated because some claim that they might be linked to a variety of undesirable ailments and diseases. In the area of animal ownership, pet vaccinations are not so hotly debated for the possible health problems they might cause as they are sometimes not taken advantage of because of the price tag affixed to them.

Why Vaccinations Are Not Optional For Fluffy

Veterinary clinics have attempted to combat the money factor by offering low cost pet vaccinations during special hours of operations, while others may offer free pet vaccinations to those pet owners who have bona fide financial problems that would otherwise preclude their pets from receiving the needed vaccinations. Yet while lost cost pet vaccinations are readily available, there are still large numbers of pets that are not being vaccinated, and even though problems with pet vaccinations are not cited, it is somewhat of a stumper why an owner would elect to not have a pet be protected against health problems with vaccinations that are readily available.

It is well known that some owners will not elect to have vaccinations given for eventualities they do not anticipate. Take for example the pet owner whose cat is an indoor cat with nary a chance to escape to the great outdoors. For the owner the notion of have vaccinations for feline leukemia included in the shot regimen may not make sense, since kitty probably will never ever sniff noses with another cat. Yet one day kitty does get out of the house when the door is left temporarily unguarded, and while she may return within minutes of getting out, the damage may already have been done.

In the day and age of discount pet vaccinations, do you really want to take the risk of not giving your animal each and every protection that money can buy? Furthermore, are you really so completely certain that your life’s circumstances will not suddenly change? Families move, new animals may be added to the household, pet sitting may be asked of you, and cats and dogs alike may get out by mistake. Ferrets may briefly escape and by the time you recover your lost exotic, a bite from a rabid bat may have already been incurred. Do not take chances when it is not necessary, but instead consider each and every vaccination on the market as necessary and applicable to your animal’s very unique lifestyle.

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